This Reminds Me of Us

Book 4 in the St. Caroline Series

Can Oliver and Serena rebuild their marriage ... or will
Serena's amnesia blow apart their family forever?

Deputy fire chief Oliver Wolfe had everything he ever wanted. A beautiful wife, two adorable (if rambunctious) sons, a job he loved, a comfortable home, and family and friends in his hometown of St. Caroline, Maryland ...


… until the day he has to stand by helplessly and watch his wife’s unconscious body get cut from the mangled wreckage of her car.


Serena Wolfe was a blissfully happy newlywed with a tall, dark, and handsome firefighter for a husband and a honeymoon baby on the way …


… until the day she wakes up from a coma to discover that she’s actually thirty years old and has two adorable (if rambunctious) boys, a house, and friends … none of which she can remember. 


That’s alarming enough. But Serena might have had a secret former life … which she also can’t remember …