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The Senator's Wife

Passion. Scandal. Ooh la la.

The Senator’s Wife is a sexy, on-the-edge-of-your-seat romp that will have readers turning the pages late into the night!

Marie Witherspoon is having a terrible year. Her boss (aka her mother) fires her so she can concentrate on having babies. Her husband (aka a United States Senator) dumps her for his mistress—who regularly humiliates Marie in her “style” (aka gossip) blog. Marie has gone from being one half of the young It Couple in Washington, DC to being … well, she’s not sure what anymore.

But Marie does have one very powerful weapon on her side: her best friend Nishi Bhat, a ball-breaking public relations maven who was never a big fan of Marie’s senator husband to begin with. It was her idea to burn Marie’s wedding dress and dump the ashes in the Potomac River. And her idea for Marie to rekindle an old hobby with one sexy-as-hell artist-slash-disgraced-professor who claims that (a) he can teach Marie how to draw and (b) “not all seeing is done with the eyes.”

A young wife cast aside. A dark and brooding French artist. An ambitious politician up for re-election—and his equally ambitious mistress. Throw in an ill-conceived—but perfectly timed!—artistic collaboration involving (ahem) risqué paintings and not even Nishi can anticipate what will happen next ...

(The Senator's Wife was previously published in two volumes as Drawing Lessons and Chiaroscuro.)

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