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For years, Lucy Wyndham wondered whether she'd ever catch another glimpse of the boy she crushed on as a teenager at the Chesapeake Inn's summer camp for disadvantaged kids. He was tall and quiet ... mysterious and aloof ... and oh so gorgeous.

Also the owner’s son. Not the slightest bit disadvantaged.

Fast forward ... now Sterling Matthew runs the Chesapeake Inn and is Lucy's boss. He's still tall, aloof, and oh so gorgeous. Ten years later, the attraction between them is just as strong—but they’re no more compatible today than they were as teenagers.

Nor do they share the same views of the summer camp. When Sterling informs Lucy that the camp must be eliminated to improve the resort's bottom line, she embarks on an ambitious campaign to save it. Even if the price is her job ... and her heart.

"Masterfully crafted."—InD'Tale Magazine
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