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A woman struggling to rebuild her business takes in an old boyfriend—whose amnesia has left him with no memory of their breakup four years ago ...

Cosmetics mogul and Hollywood child Zelda Maliszewski came close to losing everything after her latest boyfriend tampered with her company's newest product. So when she returns home after a fancy Manhattan reception to find another ex-lover in her bed ... well, it's pretty much the last thing she needs.

Adventure journalist Colt Buchanan grabbed his own bootstraps and yanked hard—leaving the poverty of his rural hometown behind for a scholarship to a fancy east coast college and then the bright lights of the big city. But when an assignment in the Middle East leaves his interview subject dead and Colt's memory riddled with holes you can drive a bus through, he comes back to the only place that's ever felt like home—the Manhattan apartment of a pretty Hollywood princess he never had any business wanting.

Back to Us is a standalone second chance romance with a hero who can't remember ... and a heroine who's equally determined not to forget. No cliffhanger. Definitely a Happy Ever After.

"A unique romance about falling in love all over again."—Romantic Times
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