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Book 2 in the Phlox Beauty Series

"Ms. Gabriel's deeply moving storytelling evokes every facet of emotion from the reader. Not only does this book have standout characters, the city of New York shines in this tale. All in all, between the beautiful settings and the sweet and satisfying ending, this book is a winner!"
 InD'Tale Magazine

When an assignment in the Middle East goes bad, adventure journalist Colt Buchanan comes home to New York and the love of his life, beauty mogul Zee Malisewski.

The only problem? She says they broke up four years ago.

Can there be a second chance at love for a man who can't remember ... and a woman determined not to forget?


The daughter of an actress, Zee Malisewski grew up on movie sets and in boarding schools. As an adult, she’s built a life away from all that—and a successful cosmetics business with her best friend—in New York City. Men? They’ve come and gone. Mostly gone. She’s sworn off the male species anyway, after her latest boyfriend tampers with her company’s new product and nearly destroys everything she and her business partner have spent years working for. Now Zee wants a home of her own and she’s done waiting for Prince Charming to show up and share it with her.

Adventure journalist Colt Buchanan grabbed his own bootstraps and yanked hard—leaving the poverty of his rural hometown behind for a scholarship to a fancy east coast college and then the bright lights of the big city. But when an assignment in the Middle East leaves his interview subject dead and Colt’s memory riddled with holes you can drive a bus through, he comes back to the only place that’s ever felt like home—the Manhattan apartment of a pretty Hollywood princess he never had any business wanting.

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