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A laugh out loud romantic comedy starring

the geeky billionaire boy next door ...

Amy's life was going swimmingly.

She was about to be promoted from English teacher to department chair.

She was engaged to the hunky football coach (and owner of Get Fit with Danny).

She was headed for a blissful honeymoon at her in-laws’ timeshare in Hawaii.

And then ...

Her promotion goes to some outlander from Philadelphia.

She walks in on her fiancé “having lunch” with an adult film star.

(Using “star” loosely here. Also “lunch.”)

And Ethan McNamara—the boy next door she's known since they were in diapers—kisses her in front of everyone at the class reunion.

Ethan’s a billionaire these days.

(Thanks to the world’s most annoying game app.)

He’s also pretty darn hot.

(And that kiss made her tailbone tingle.)

He wants her to pretend to be his fiancée for a week.

She could use a week away from real life, tbh.

(Especially if it involves a beach.)

Besides, what else in her life could possibly go wrong?

(Did I mention that kiss made her tailbone tingle?)

Anything for Her is a sexy-sweet friends-to-lovers romantic comedy with the boy-next-door-turned-billionaire, the world’s most annoying video game app, death-defying water slides, mud baths, fascinators, a fake engagement, and a porn star nemesis. A new standalone release.

A Barnes & Noble Top Indie Favorite
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